The coffee export sector in Uganda was dominated by 10 companies in the month of January, with Ideal Quality Commodities Ltd taking the largest share of 12.50% compared to 10.74% in December 2021.

According to the January report released by Uganda Coffee Development Authority (UCDA), Ideal Quality was followed by Ugacof (U) Ltd at 11.98% (15.15%, then Olam Uganda Ltd (9.79%),  (7.36%), Touton Uganda Limited 8.44% (6.35%); Kawacom (U) Ltd 7.92% (8.17%), Louis Dreyfus Company (U) Ltd 7.45% (5.62%), Kyagalanyi Coffee Ltd 7.09% (4.81%), Ibero (U) Ltd 5.07% (5.73%), Grainpulse Ltd 4.41% (4.00%) and Besmark Coffee Company Ltd 3.91% (4.22%).

[The figures in brackets represent the percentage market share held in December 2021.]

“The top 10 exporters held a market share of 79% compared to 72% the previous month,” reads the report.

“There were changes in positions compared to last month reflecting competition at the exporter level.”

The report shows that 40 companies shipped coffee in January, with 12 exporting Robusta Coffee only and 6 exporting Arabica coffee only. The other 22 exported both.

Most of this coffee was bought by 10 foreign companies that held a market share of 72% of total exports higher than 67% the previous month.

Olam International led with a market share of 11.39% compared to 7.90% in December 2021.

It was followed by Sucafina with 11.11% (14.97%), Touton Geneve 8.46% (6.87%), Louis Dreyfus 7.54% (5.62%), Volcafe 7.10% (4.14%), Ecom Agro Industrial 6.78% (9.10%), Altasheel Import and Export Enterprises 6.17% (4.83%), Aldwami Company 5.57% (3.46%), Bernhard Rothfos 5.07% (5.67%) and Bercher Coffee Consulting 2.85% (1.24%).


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